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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
31 December 2022 @ 07:04 am

Ø xinto_the_bluex → O araphen

Leave a comment telling me where you found me; I'll more than likely add you back.

Friends Only banner by me, araphen. (Crappy banner is crappy.) Art credit unknown, baw. Profile image art is by me again! Journal layout by justcyanide at hiddencolours.
feel the sparks of the friendly fire
31 December 2010 @ 09:06 pm
2010 has been... the most tumultuous year of my life since I can remember. It was full of its ups and downs, some of which I wrote about, others I didn't.

I met two people off the internet for the first time. I flew in a plane for the first time. I graduated high school and went to my first year of college to promptly flunk out due to anxiety/procrastination issues. My family and home were threatened. My aunt died. My brother's friend was involved in a hit-and-run which put him in a coma he still hasn't awoken from. I discovered I have a lot more in common with my little cousin than I initially believed. I finally got back into an official roleplay in which I have met awesome new people and had a lot of fun with thus far. And more I'm probably forgetting right now.

Mostly, what I've taken from it all is this:
Things, people, trouble, it all comes and goes. Life and time is an ebbing, fluid thing. What trouble doesn't defeat you only serves to make you stronger, and even if you are defeated, there's always a chance to try again - as long as you choose to take it. Thank you to those people who spoke with me, who supported me, who stuck with me. Hopefully I'll get to know all of you better this coming year.

And that is my thoughtful observation for the end of 2010. LET'S GO, 2011. COME AT ME BRO. I'M READY FOR YOU.

Also, uh - why not.

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feel the sparks of the friendly fire

So this computer problem thing has proven productive, as least! I cleaned my room a bit, and I've been drawing and writing a lot more than usual. (I'm even in the midst of writing a MULTI-CHAPTERED FIC. What is this, I hate chapters.) All in all, not too bad, though I still miss people like woe.

Anyway, following on the heels of everyone else -


My first time doing it! I HAVE A TON OF ENVELOPES JUST SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING, SO I'MMA DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. Comments are screened - leave your address, maybe a few specifications like 'write me a heartfelt letter!' or 'just a little adorable note!' or 'how about a doodle or something?' (and if so, what you want doodled of course!) and I will try my level best to get it to you. It may not be until after the holidays because I AM GOING TO TEXAS FOR CHRISTMAS to see my lovely Teagan and Aisu, but.

Ilu all, keep rockin' you guys.
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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
SoMeThInG's GoInG gOoD, aT lEaSt. I jUsT pUrChAsEd A nEw BaTtErY fOr LuCa OfF aMaZoN rElAtIvElY cHeApLy FrOm A dEaLeR wItH gOoD rAtInGs, AnD i CaN eAsIlY rEpLaCe ThE bAtTeRy MySeLf, So I dOn'T hAvE tO wOrRy aBoUt RuNnInG tO a MaC sToRe AnD aDdInG tO tHe CoSt JuSt To InStAlL iT.

sTiLl AnXiOuS aBoUt ScHoOl tOmOrRoW tHoUgH. i'M tEmPtEd tO sKiP tHe LeArNiNg CoMmUnItY bEcAuSe I kNoW wHaT tHeY'rE gOiNg To SaY tO mE, aNd HeArInG iT wIlL jUsT mAkE mE wOrSe. FuLlY iNtEnD tO gO tO pHiLoSoPhY, tHoUgH.

i'M sOrRy ThIs PoSt Is So HiDeOuS, yOu CaN bLaMe EmIlY (lionize) fOr ThAt, BeCaUsE sHe'S eViL.

eDiT: ... i JuSt CaUgHt a LeVeL 4 zIgZaGoOn In PoKeMoN sApPhIrE hOlDiNg A fReAkInG sUpEr PoTiOn. I kId YoU nOt. WhAt Is ThIs LuCk.

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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
11 December 2009 @ 07:43 pm
Changed my default icon and journal layout. Both are pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.


✈ ask any of my characters a question. ask them anything you want.
✈ if they are from an au!world, it will be stated in the return comment title.
✈ feel free to ask them as your own character, if you want. either way, your question might be returned with one of their own, if they feel so inclined.
✈ it's totally encouraged for you to tag with your own character.

tell me we both matter, don't we?Collapse )

Post public for meme.
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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
16 August 2009 @ 03:22 pm
As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we don't understand.
And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go the way we planned.
But you'll see, everyday, that we'll never turn away
When it seems all your dreams come undone --
We will stand by your side, filled with hope and filled with pride;
We are more than we are, we are one.

We are one, you and I,
We are like the earth and sky,
One family under the sun;
All the wisdom to lead,
All the courage that you need,
You will find when you see we are one.
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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
26 July 2009 @ 08:17 pm
I have some questions and concerns I would like to address. Please, if you could respond to this post at some point with your opinions, I would deeply appreciate it.

The list.Collapse )

Post left public, due to there being some players in Hell Heights who aren't on my flist that I would still like to hear from. As well, while I'm talking about this -- does anybody else on my flist not already involved wanna join? I'd love to have you all there to play with!
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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
Welcome to Finals Hell, self. WE WILL ROCK THIS SHIT LIKE IT HAS NEVER BEEN ROCKED BEFORE. Creative Writing and English down and out! I love Mr. Kinlin, he didn't even give us a final. It was awesome.

Tuesday: Geometry and Intro to Computer Tech [Did it today! ]
Wednesday: History
Thursday: Chemistry

I managed to slide away with yesterday. I just signed a card my sister bought and that was that. Signing my name on a storebought card seems less personal than saying it to his face, so it worked for me.

In other news I'm a little pissed. I was writing up an RE5 fanfic and was on quite an awesome roll with it when my computer DECIDED TO FREEZE. So I had to restart. And I lost it. ;; CRAI. No matter, I will restart it. It was a nice concept and I'm determined to write it out.

Anyway! A meme I stole from Ruri.

✖ Ask any of the characters I roleplay a question, and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer.

✖ Feel free to ask them ANYTHING, Regardless of whether you know their canon or not.

✖ Feel free to also ask them as your own character. They will respond accordingly.

Billy Coen [Resident Evil 0]
Credo [Devil May Cry 4]
Dante [Devil May Cry 1-4]
Nero [Devil May Cry 4]
Sheva Alomar [Resident Evil 5]
Vergil [Devil May Cry]

Or anybody you've played with and feel like questioning. My list is long, kiddies, and I feel up to anything.

Post public for the meme. Btw, welcome to recharge and sabbato!
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feel the sparks of the friendly fire
I'm sure many of you have seen this by now, if not posted it yourselves. My turn now.

If you are reading this right now, you have more luxury than someone in Iran could ever hope for right now. If you are watching TV or a video on youtube, updating your status on Facebook, Tweeting, or even texting your friend, you are lucky. If you are safe in your home, and were able to sleep last night without the sounds of screaming from the rooftops, you need to know and understand what is happening to people just like you in Iran right now.

They are not the enemy. They are a people whose election has been stolen.Collapse )
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